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Pricing: Delivery Dry Cleaning and Alterations

We provide competitive pricing for your delivery dry cleaning or alteration requirements. We use our best drycleaners in Auckland and Wellington to ensure the service you receive is paramount.

You’ll pay no more for dry cleaning than you would if you dropped it off and picked it up yourself.

Our dry cleaners' pricing is based on your location. Register with DryitOnline to see the pricing specific to your area.
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Examples of dry cleaning pricing

* Please note: These prices are indicative only. Pricing is specific to the dry cleaner we use for your area. To view the applicable price list for your dry cleaning delivery area, please login or Register with DryitOnline.

Type of garment  Example pricing*
Blouse - silk/linen  $12.00
Shirt - plain/standard/business  $5.00
Shirt - beads/sequins  $16.00
Shirt - silk  $12.00
Dress - cocktail/long evening (plain)  $19.00
Dress - silk/fancy  $24.00
Skirt - plain  $10.00
Skirt - leather/suede (long)  $24.00
Jacket - plain  $10.00
Jacket - designer or 3/4  $12.00
Jacket - bulky  $15.00
Knitwear - standard  $10.00
Suit - 2 piece standard  $20.00
Suit - 2 piece designer  $24.00
Trousers  $10.00
Trousers - designer  $12.00
Long coats  $22.00

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