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Pick-up and Delivery Dry Cleaning: How it Works

Click. Send. Done. That’s the simple three part process to getting your dry cleaning delivery sorted instantly for you. Laundry pick-up services have never been so easier – you’ll pay no more than if you delivered it to our dry cleaners yourself.

Step 1: Click

Setting up a DryitOnline profile is will only take a minute using our drycleaning delivery registration page.

The information you provide allows us to accurately track your dry cleaning through the complete pick-up, dry clean and delivery process.You can even nominate someone within your company to manage the process for you, making ordering even easier.

Using an intuitive ordering system, your DryItOnline profile let’s you create a ‘drycleaning template; a pre-selected format that means you won’t need to re-enter garment details every time you process a drycleaning request.

Step 2: Send

Select all the items to be dry cleaned, along with your pick-up address. Then send us your order. Put a copy of the order confirmation in with your drycleaning. It’s as simple as that. Because your dry cleaning account profile is unique to you, DryitOnline remembers all the other details and takes care of the rest.

You can even nominate someone in your business to manage the process for you, making these drycleaning delivery services even easier.

DryitOnline offers two methods of secure payment. You can either use pre-paid credits or pay as you go with a major credit card utilising Direct Payment Solution's (DPS) 3D Secure Authentication System.

Step 3: Done!

We’ll be there to pick-up, clean and deliver your drycleaning to your workplace. You can expect quality drycleaning from us every time. We use only professional outlets that are renowned for top quality drycleaning services.

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