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Drycleaning delivery FAQs

Can I use DryitOnline at my Workplace?

DryitOnline NZ currently operates its services to businesses within Auckland's East, Central, West & South regions, and in Wellington. Services in Christchurch have been suspended.

However, the service will soon be available within all major cities in New Zealand. If you are outside these areas, register today and we'll keep you informed on upcoming availability in your area.

DryitOnline is primarily a service available to business addresses. Your drycleaning needs to be available at your registered address for pick-up by our team when they call during business hours. This applies from the time the order is placed. The same applies for drop-off. DryitOnline's hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm excluding public holidays. This enables DryitOnline to provide the most cost-effective pick-up/delivery option in town.

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How long does it take to get my Drycleaning picked-up & returned?

As standard, the pick-up timeframe is the day after the date of order however, whenever possible, DryitOnline will endeavour to ensure items are picked up on the same day you place the order (subject to the order being placed before 9.30am) and returned to you the day after they are picked up. As the dry-cleaners we use are very particular about their cleaning standards they may, at times, re-clean an item if it is not up to their standards and this would increase time taken  to return. That means, to avoid disappointment, if you need your garment for a special event, place your order with plenty of time for a quality result to be delivered back to you in time.

Orders must be placed before 9:30am Monday to Thursday within a valid pick-up/delivery suburb. This does not apply to tailoring and alterations, furnishing or stain removals.  These processes can take up to 3 days.


How do I make up the difference in the price of an order if I've shortpaid?

If you place an order, and on receipt of your garments we confirm that the price requires an additional payment, then you can login and make up the difference through our payment portal. Here's how you do it.

- Log in

- Select the big line-green button "Place an order..."

- Select the lime-green tab labelled "Special" (instead of Clothing/Furnishing).

- Use any combination of the denominations required to make your order up to the correct amount.

- Within the "Notes to Drycleaner" box, refer to your original order and include the note that this is a MAKE-UP PAYMENT.

- Complete your order as usual via the payment portal.


Do I need to put anything in the bag with my order? 

Yes, just put a copy of the order confirmation into the bag with your drycleaning.

Note: the bags you supply your order in are not typically returned as they get separated for your garments for the cleaning process and cannot necessarily be re-matched for delivery.

How much does it cost?

DryitOnline offers the convenience of a free pickup and delivery from your business address. You won't pay any more for delivery dry cleaning services that you would if you dropped it off and picked it up yourself from our drycleaners.

All delivery dry cleaning prices are in New Zealand dollars, include GST and are subject to change.

How do I reset my password (if I've forgotten it)?

At the login box (right hand side of screen), use the "forgotten password" feature by:

- enter your registered email address as your username as usual.

- tab down to the password box.

- then click "forgotten password" link and we will email you instructions to rest your password.

Can you do my alterations also?

In most cases, the answer is yes. This can vary from suburb to suburb. Here's how.

- login as usual and click the "Place an Order with Dryitonline" button.

- after selecting the garment for drycleaning, choose to confirm the order which will take you to the next screen.

- choose your alteration in the usual manner. Be sure to include any notes you want the drycleaning and/or alterations teams to act upon.

- pay at the checkout, with either credits or by credit card.

When is your Christmas Shut-down period?

Dryitonline will be having a well-earned break during the Christmas-New Year period. Last orders will be taken on Tuesday 22nd December 2020. The last orders should be returned by 23rd of December 2020. However, where there are stains/alterations or quality issues our 3-day turnaround can be expected which may push the return time into the New Year. In 2021, we will resume our pick-up/delivery service in all suburbs on Monday 5th January 2021. Our administration and customer service office will be closed between 22nd December 2020 and 11th January 2021.