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Delivery dry cleaning testimonials from DryitOnline's very happy customers

"Thanks heaps for the great service! I can’t believe that I had my suit picked up, dry-cleaned, and delivered back to my office for less than it usually costs me to take it in myself!  A great concept, and easy to use. I will definitely be using you again!"

"Hi, I have been in Auckland for a four day conference and got caught out, needing to get a pair of pants and a shirt cleaned due to a nasty accident with mushrooms at one of the dinners. I had no way to get my clothes to a drycleaner, and wouldn't even know where one was. Your site was the perfect solution! Saved me having to iron my shirt too!"


"DryitOnline, I can’t believe that you actually fix clothes as well!! My 5 yr old daughter has a little wetsuit that she uses in the school pool so she can survive her swimming lessons. She broke the zip a few weeks ago and I’ve been struggling to get it sorted since. I couldn't believe it when I found that your service caters for these sort of things as well!! Job done, zip fixed and back to me the next day!

I’ve got a dress that I never wear because it has a broken strap and a pair of pants because the hems come down  they will be coming to you too! What a great service." 

"I have been using DryitOnline for over a year now. It's great! Easy to use. Convenient. Perfect for me really!"
Rachel - MGI, Auckland

"Avoiding traffic getting to the drycleaner and queues when I'm there is fantastic. All from my desktop. And, it's so simple to use. Really like the secure payment facility."
Grant - Domain Associates, Corporate Advisors

"As a working professional mum, there aren't enough hours in the day to get "it" all done.  Dry-cleaning usually goes to the bottom of the list as its one more drop off I don't have time for.  Having all my winter jackets picked up from my office by Dryitonline and dropped back the next day meant I had 30 extra minutes which I used to contact a prospect.  I won a $2.4M deal with the use of that time! You have won my loyalty, Dryitonline!"
Melanie, Westpac

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